North American Bird Sounds

Domestic and Mystery Birds

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Domestic and Pet Birds
"Mystery" Birds (Can you help?)
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Domestic and Pet Birds

White Doves are favorites for occasions such as weddings and celebrations. They're often seen flying in tight flocks near their homes. According to James Mejeur, the Curator of Birds at the National Aviary in West Pittsburgh, PA they are derived from husbandry of the Ring-necked dove (Streptopelia roseogrisea). These are the sounds of caged birds recorded in mid-January. This is their laughing call (37K). And this is their mating song - listen for the funny inhaling sound (like one of those moo-ing toys when you turn it upside-down!)(62K).

Common Household Parakeets are actually Budgerigars, from Austrailia. Here are a few of their many sounds. (116K)

A Gray Cockatiel sings in his outdoor cage one January morning. (130K)

Peafowl (in this case, a Peacock) (Pavo cristatus)often evoke fond memories of visits to the Zoo, or some other childhood fondness. Here is one recorded at the San Diego Zoo - the birds honking in the background are Flamingos at the pond near the zoo's entrance. (209K)

This is Jasmine, my neighbor's Molluccan Cockatoo, complaining that it's getting dark outside and time to go in for the night - when Jasmine speaks, people listen! (MP3, 62K, 9 sec.)

"Mystery" Birds

No Mysteries Right Now!

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