Nature Recordists' E-Mail Group

We have formed a new e-mail discussion group for nature recordists. There are over 1100 members of the international recording community in this lively discussion group! The particulars are:

This moderated group is interested in techniques, issues and general discussion of recording natural sounds. Topics include, but aren't limited to recording techniques and equipment, recording venues and discussions of various animal vocalizations and communication. Other natural sounds, such as water, weather and wind-generated sounds are also valid topics. Issues related to computerized editing of sounds, copyrights, Internet applications and commercial uses of files are encouraged.

Although no posting of binary files to the list will be allowed, members are encouraged to discuss unknown or unidentified sounds they have recorded and to post sound files on a web site so that other members can hear them. The moderator will supply a web site to which members may post sounds for the benefit of the group. Just e-mail me if you have a file to post and I will tell you how to do this.

Any topic of general interests to recordists is fair game on this group, but commercial messages generally will be culled out. This will be an excellent place to discuss sounds that we have not been able to identify and sounds that are unusual for their subject. If we keep an active group, we will all expand our spheres of experience and influence to all of our benefit.

To subscribe you need only send e-mail to or visit the e-groups site at to learn more about the list and it's goals and to read archived messages.

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