People Sounds

These are people sounds - we're an incredibly noisy species!

Remember, all sound clips are copyrighted to Doug Von Gausig, 1997. Non-commercial use is granted freely, but commercial use is expressly forbidden without prior written consent.
Let's say you're out recording birds and you are suddenly amidst a herd of horses, and let's say these horses follow you to the car, then they stick their heads into the car! Becky's the one who's losing control - I'm the one who remains calm and collected. (113K)

Here's what the humans do one day each year, believe it or not: They all go out in the dark and they set the sky on fire, make as much noise as possible, and then they all yell and whoop and holler. Strange ritual! I hope you have a sub-woofer on your system for this one. Either way, better turn down the volume the first time you play it! (251 K, I couldn't get it smaller and retain the flavor!)

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