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To see a larger image, click on the corresponding thumbnail, below. Note that all images on this page are downsampled to about 100K, and are low-resolution editions of the original photos. They are also digitally "watermarked" in addition to their visible copyright statements. This keeps transmission size down and helps limit copyright violations. The originals are high-resolution, and the file sizes range from around 2 Mb up. If you are interested in licensing any of these phtographs, please see our licensing page.

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I use ACD Systems - The makers of ACDSee 8 Photo Manager to catalogue my photography, perform fast and simple edits and create "contact sheets." I think it's the best choice for file management, too!
All photos on this page were taken with Canon 10D and 20D digital SLRs - they're wonderful tools!

Greater Earless Lizard
Holbrookia texana

Young Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Crotalus atrox

Male Desert Spiny Lizard Struttin' his Stuff!
Sceloporus magister

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Smelling Photographer
Crotalus atrox

Sonoran Whipsnake in Mesquite (they love to climb!)
Masticophis bilineatus

Western Patch-nosed Snake
Salvadors hexalepis

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Woodehouse's Toad
Bufo woodhousei

Ground Snake
Sonora epsicopa

Collared Lizard
Crotophytus collaris

Side-blotched Lizard
Uta stansburiana

Plateau Striped Whiptail
Aspidoscelis velox

Mexican Gartersnake
Thamnophis eques

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