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36 Arizona Birds Ringtones

This CD contains 36 typical Arizona bird ringtones, specially formatted as MP3 and timed to work perfectly with most modern cell phones that use MP3 ringtones.

The birdsong ringtones on this CD are:
Abert’s Towhee   American Robin   Bewick’s Wren   Black-chinned Sparrow   Cactus Wren   Canyon Wren   Common Moorhen   Common Raven   Gambel’s Quail   Gila Woodpecker   Greater Roadrunner   Great-horned Owl   Hermit Thrush   Inca Dove   Mallard   Mourning Dove   Northern Cardinal   Northern Flicker   Northern Mockingbird   Phainopepla   Red-breasted Nuthatch   Red-tailed Hawk   Red-winged Blackbird   Rock Wren   Rufous-winged Sparrow   Scott’s Oriole   Spotted Towhee   Summer Tanager   Vermilion Flycatcher   Virginia Rail   Western Meadowlark   White-crowned Sparrow   White-winged Dove   Willow Flycatcher   Yellow-breasted Chat   Yellow-rumped Warbler  

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Sounds from Tavasci Marsh

To hear a short sample of each of the cuts on this CD, click on the cut's title words. The samples on this page have been compressed to save download time, so they are noisy - the CD lacks this noise.
The CD was compiled from sounds recorded in and around Tavasci Marsh during 1998 and 1999. The tracks include:
An American Robin's Overture 8:07, 8 minutes of a Tour de Force performance by one American Robin giving his all to attract a mate; A Crissal Thrasher Names His Neighbors 3:18 Crissal Thrashers are great mimics and in this cut one bird "names" all his neighbors!; A Marsh Wren's Sermon 1:53 Marsh Wren "mutterings" as this one forages in the Cattails at Tavasci Marsh; The Northern Cardinal Pontificates 2:06 Another Spring mating sequence by a bird at Peck's lake; The Song of the Mockingbird 4:28 Listen to see how many species this single Mocker can mimic; The Rock Wren's Serenade 6:40 Rock Wrens sing this varied song in the Spring only; Spring Morning - Tavasci Marsh 4:02 A Four minute continuous sample of an April morning chorus at Tavasci Marsh - Bewick's Wrens, Song Sparrows, Red-winged Blackbirds, Gila Woodpeckers, Bullock's Orioles, and more! A House Finch's Hymn 2:33 An aria of Spring singing at the marsh from one of the best in the business! The Lesser Goldfinch's Major Opus 2:30 Lesser Goldfinches like to sprinkle their spring breeding songs with mimicry - in this sample our local dialectician imitates a dozen other local birds! A Yellow-breasted Chat Session (3:22) Yellow-breasted Chats are another of the Marsh's mimics - this one loves to taunt the Scrub Jays and Grackles in the area. The Grosbeak's Speech (3:27) This male Black-headed Grosbeak was the envy of his rivals! His song is so polished, innovative and complex that other males literally gathered around to hear the master! Includes mimicry of Northern Cardinal and Western Tanagers.
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The Raven's Song

To hear a short sample of one of the cuts on this CD, click here. This sample has been compressed to save download time, so it is not as high-quality as the CD. Mingus Mountain lies between the cities of Prescott and Cottonwood in central Arizona’s Yavapai County. In February, 1999 it was the setting for an extraordinary ornithological event - a “Raven Convention”. The exact purpose of this gathering of more than 200 birds is unclear, but it in human terms it was a carnival of flying contests, courtship display, and song! The tracks on this CD chronicle 3 days of the event. Tracks 1 and 2 were recorded during demonstrations of flying skill, chases, “drop and catch” play and “formation” flying by pairs and small groups. Track 3, “The Carousel” is the sound of large afternoon thermal in which a cubic mile of rising air was filled with circling, playing, calling Ravens. By track 4 the individuals seem more familiar with each other and are just plain having fun! Recorded over a three-day period by Doug Von Gausig using a Telinga parabolic microphone and Sony Digital MiniDisc recorders. Videotapes and DVDs of the event, recorded on digital video and transferred to VHS and DVD, are also available for $25 plus shipping by writing to
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Night Sounds

The sounds of the night are the most magical, mysterious sounds in nature’s collection. The night singers are invisible, secretive and ephemeral.They evaporate as we approach and are at once soothing and scintillating. To hear a short sample of each track, click on the track title (These samples have been compressed to save download time, so they are not as high-quality as the CD) The collection is from four locations: Peck’s Lake (20:05), in Central Arizona, dominated by the Great Horned Owl and Wodehouse’s Toad; Mittry Lake (4:58), near Yuma, Arizona, starring the Bullfrog; Monteverde (3:54), in the cloud forests of mountainous central Costa Rica, which features the Mottled Owl; Puerto Viejo de Talamanca (2:04), in southeastern Costa Rica, with its Common Paraque and Smoky Jungle Frogs. El Gavilan, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui (8:03), in north central Costa Rica, featuring Tink Frogs and the rain filtering down through the canopy above - very soothing!

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An Arizona Thunderstorm

On August 12th, 2000 one of nature’s most impressive and awe-inspiring events took place near the small town of Clarkdale, in central Arizona In this one 25-minute event, enough power was unleashed to supply all of the electrical energy needs of the town for a month! During the short monsoon storm more than 100 bolts of lightning raced from cloud to cloud and from the clouds to the ground, and more than a half-million gallons of water fell on the parched earth. The rain helped mark the end of a draught that had lasted more than 6 months. Recorded on one continuous track, this CD chronicles the storm from beginning to end, as it passed over one point that afternoon. If you love thunderstorms this is a CD you need. There is no music on this CD, just the sound of nature’s fury and sustenance, all wrapped up in one! To hear a short sample, click here.

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Costa Rican Soundscapes

This long-awaited CD contains the pure sounds of Costa Rica's richest ecosystems. There are 7 tracks totalling more than 30 minutes of vibrant sound! These recordings were made on several trips to Costa Rica by Doug Von Gausig, of Most were made using Telinga parabolic microphones and Sony Minidisc recorders. Each track includes a background "tapestry" of sound punctuated by typical species in that area. There is no narration, no music - just rich jungle sounds!
The tracks are:

"Monteverde Dawn"
"Monteverde Midnight" Listen
"Arenal Streamside" Listen
La Selva, Mid-day Listen
Puerto Viejo de Limon Marsh Listen
Puerto Viejo de Limon Dawn Chorus Listen
Puerto Viejo de Limon Frogs Listen
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Water Sounds

This CD traces water's journey from glacial melt high in Colorado's Rocky Mountains to the sea at La Jolla, California. Each track brings you closer to the ocean by way of larger and larger streams and rivers. The sounds of water are both soothing and invigorating, and this CD will be enjoyed as background sound, "white sound" for restless sleepers, even as relief for those who suffer from tinnitus. There are 5 tracks totalling more than 30 minutes of soothing water sounds!
The tracks are:
1. Glacial Melt, Alpine Tunnel, Colorado
High in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is a tiny glacier. By July of each year the weather has warmed enough to start melting it. The water, stored there for years, drips from the bottom of the glacier and collects in tiny seminal streams that gather strength as they coalesce on their way down the mountain slopes. Listen
2. Subterranean Rivulet in the Colorado Rockies
As the snow and glaciers melt, the runoff collects to form ever-larger rivulets. Some flow just beneath the surface, through crevices and cracks. This one is just above Pitkin, in Gunnison County, Colorado. Listen for the Ruby-crowned Kinglet singing in the distance! Listen
3. Cement Creek, Crested Butte South, Colorado
By now the myriad rivulets and tiny creeks have joined forces to become a respectable trout creek, winding its way through the meadows and willow thickets on the way to the sea. Listen
4. Verde River near Clarkdale, Arizona
The Verde River, only 35 miles “old” by the time it reaches this spot, is a collection of springs made of water that fell sometimes thousands of years earlier in the central Arizona desert. A desert river is a wonderful thing, and the life it allows is amongst the rarest on earth. In another hundred miles It will join the Salt, Gila and Colorado Rivers to complete its journey to the ocean in the Gulf of California. Listen
5. Surf, La Jolla, California
The water that started its trip back to the sea high in the Rockies has taken many years and traveled thousands of miles to get here. Along the way it has given life and beauty to the land that it sustains. The sound of the surf is the sound of the earth’s pulse. Listen for the “peeps” running back and forth in the sand in front of the waves. Listen

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Kevin Colver is a superlative nature recordist from Utah who has put together a wonderful set of Western bird sound CDs and tapes. There are currently 4 selections, with more on the way. These are a great way to familiarize yourself with the sounds and habits of most of the birds you'll see and hear in the Great American West! The titles available are:
"Songbirds of the Rocky Mountain Foothills", with 33 species; "Songbirds of Yosemite and the Sierra Nevadas", with 75 species; "Songbirds of Yellowstone and the High Rockies", with 78 species; and "Songbirds of the Southwest Canyon Country", with 66 species. These are the highest-quality recordings on the market, in my opinion. They'll make an invaluable addition to your library or a great gift for a bird lover!

To Order any of Kevin Colver's CDs, just click on the name of the CD and the link will take you directly to the page for that book. If you order from this link, Naturesongs will receive a small portion of the sales price.

Here are some more of my favorite bird CDs and books:

These two CDs are, for my money, the best song identification guides to US birds:
Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs, Western Region
Stokes Field Guide to Birds : Eastern Region

I use David Ross's 2 wonderful Costa Rican CDs as a great reference to sound in the Neotropics.

Voices of Costa Rican Birds: Caribbean Slope
Voices of the Cloud Forest

Peterson Field Guides' Birding by Ear series are a great place for a novice "ear birder" to start! These guides are available on CD and cassette tape. The authors explain the basics of bird siounds and progress through mnemonic devices we can all use to remember the sounds we hear, and then on to specific birds' calls and songs. They are certainly not all-inclusive of the birds in any one area, instead they concentrate on common birds you will most likely hear. The techniques and pointers you'll learn will stand you in good stead as you learn more and more about how to listen to who's out there!

cover      cover      cover

Birding By Ear, Western Edition
Birding By Ear, Eastern/Central Edition
More Birding by Ear, Eastern/Central

These are are my favorite and most-used ID guides for these difficult families:

A Guide to the Identification and Natural History of The Sparrows of the United States and Canada
A Photographic Guide to North American Raptors
New World Blackbirds : The Icterids

And this is my favorite bird field guide ever! It features excellent illustrations, and incredibly detailed natural histories, voice decriptions and range data.

A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica

If you really want to learn about bird communication and all of it's intimate, scientific details, this is the book for you. Published in 1995, it's the most up-to-date treatice on the subject available. A "must have" for anyone who is serious about bird communication.

Bird Song, Biological Themes and Variations

Bill Burt's Shadowbirds: A Quest for Rails is a wonderfully passionate look through this famous nature photographer's eyes at his search for some of the earth's ultimate "stealth birds" - the Rails. His admiration and respect for these birds is infective and poetic. If you love a good detective story, if you love birds, and if you love poetry, you'll love Shadowbirds!

Shadowbirds : A Quest for Rails

Bernie Kraus is one of the best nature recordists in the world today. He shares some of his favorite techniques in his new book "Wild Soundscapes". This is a must for people interested in getting the best possible recordings of our natural world.

Bernie Kraus's "Wild Soundscapes"

To order any of these titles, just click on the name or the picture and you will be taken directly to's page on that title. Naturesongs will receive a portion of the sales price if you buy from this link. Use the search tool below to find any title on their web site and order. (We will still get a referral fee).

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