Common Cattail, Typha latifolia

Common Cattail
Typha latifolia

Plant with Seed Heads

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Family: Typhaceae, Cattail Family
Blooms in Spring/Summer
Habitat Preferred: Strictly emergent (feet in the water) riparian
Photo taken at: Tavasci Marsh 8/99
Bloom Color: Green - later seed spikes are brown
Other Common Names: Broadleaf Cattail
Comments: Cattails supply one of the richest habitats on earth for a wide array of other plants, insects, amphibians, fish, mammals amd birds. Entire "invisible communities" exist within their impenetrably thick stands. We have a rare treasure right here in the Verde Valley in Tavasci Marsh, a natural freshwater marsh adjacent to Tuzigoot National Monument, which is dominated by this species, Bulrush and Reeds.
Further Reference & Sources: "A Field Guide to the Plants of Arizona", Anne Orth Epple, 1995, Falcon Press
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