Palmer Oak, Quercus palmeri

Palmer (Dunn) Oak
Quercus palmeri (Q. dunnii)



Acorns & Leaves

Acorns showing Cup


Bark & Trunk

Single Leaf

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Family: Fagaceae, Oak Family
Plant Size: Shrubby Oak, growing to about 15' (4.5 M) in our area.
Blooms in: Spring
Habitat Preferred: Washes, Mountain Canyons
Photo(s) taken at: Old Hwy 279, between Cottonwood and Camp Verde, in a wash
Bloom Color:
Other Common Names:
Origin: Native
Comments: This oak was formerly calle Dunn Oak (Q. dunnii) The leaf is like Shrub Live Oak except that it is a dark green on top and glaucous below. The form of the plant is not like Shrub Live, though, as the branches tend to arc downward. The acorn is very large and capped by a strange, thick little "beret" of a cup, the cup is thick and spreads out at the large end, instead of gripping the nut tightly. I've seen this tree in washes at 3500' and on Mingus Mountain at 5500'.
Further Reference & Sources: "Arizona Flora", Kearney, Peebles, et. al., Univ. of California Press, 1951 w/1960 supp.;   Western Trees, Peterson Field Guides, George A. Petrides, 1998
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