Ponderosa Pine, Pinus ponderosa

Ponderosa Pine
Pinus ponderosa var. scopulorum




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Family: Pinaceae, Pine Family
Plant Size: Generally less than 120' (37 M) in our area.
Blooms in: Spring
Habitat Preferred: Dry Mountains above 4000'
Photo(s) taken at: Mingus Mountain
Bloom Color: Yellowish papery male cones, female pinecones
Other Common Names:
Origin: Native
Comments: This is the common large pine of Mingus Mountains and most of Northern Arizona. The cracks in the bark have a distinct vanilla smell! Pine nuts are eaten by wildlife, and the habitat provided by mature Ponderosa forests is inestimable. Trees live as long as 500 years.
Further Reference & Sources: "A Field Guide to the Plants of Arizona", Anne Orth Epple, 1995, Falcon Press
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