Singleleaf Pinyon, Pinus monophylla

Singleleaf Pinyon
Pinus monophylla





Cones on the Tree


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Family: Pinaceae, Pine Family
Plant Size: Generally less than 25' (7.5 M) in our area.
Blooms in: Spring
Habitat Preferred: Pinyon-Juniper association at 4000' to 8000' elevations - generally rocky hills
Photo(s) taken at: Hwy 179 between Village of Oak Creek and Black Canyon Freeway
Bloom Color: Male flowers are small yellowish "caterpillars" of soft scales, full of pollen, female flowers become cones with edible nuts.
Other Common Names:
Origin: Native
Comments: Nuts are delicious and form a staple of many animals and birds' diet. People love them, too! This tree can be differentiated from the other local Pinyon Pine by the fact that the leaves (needles) occur in bundles of one, whereas Pinus edulis has needles bundled in twos. In fact this is the only pine that has single-leaf bundles. The two trees are otherwise similar and are often found together.
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